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HMT has built a strong industry reputation by providing dedicated, professional and responsive service to a diverse customer base. We are proud of our accomplishments and welcome you to browse the information below featuring some of our recent projects.


HMT – Shoots and Scores at Syracuse University!

Syracuse University; home of the nationally renowned Division 1 Orange intercollegiate athletic program and one of the largest on-campus sports facilities, the Carrier Dome. Imagine 30,000+ fans watching the intensity and high flying excitement of an Orange basketball game or 50,000+ fans viewing the hard hitting action of an Orange football game. The event is nationally televised. The spirit and adrenaline is running high. Suddenly and without warning, the Carrier Dome goes dark. Fans become restless, network television personnel are rendered helpless. The entire event is completely interrupted and the electrical system failure is exposed to a nationally televised audience. Most importantly, the safety of the fans, players, facility employees and network associates is completely compromised. With the best interests of the University and safety concerns in mind, they came to HMT for advice. The facility was served by two independent 13.2 kV utility sources. HMT made the recommendation to replace the out-dated switch and fuse style switchgear with state of the art vacuum circuit breakers. The university agreed to full implementation. The project gained national recognition. To learn more about this project, click on the link above to view a feature article that appeared in the Electrical Contactor trade magazine.

to read the related feature story that appeared in Electrical Contractor magazine.


Energizing Pasta Production in Western New York!!

Barilla is Italy’s largest food producer and has quickly become the #1 brand of pasta in the U.S. since entering the market in 1996.  To support their U.S. growth initiatives, Barilla selected Avon, N.Y. as the home of their new, state of the art, pasta production facility and distribution center. 

HMT, Inc. played an integral role in the design and commissioning aspects of this project and partnered with a leading electrical contractor in Western N.Y. to build the 115 kV to 12.47 kV sub-station that would power this facility.

How did HMT Help?

  • Engineering Services
    • Coordinated and secured the approval with the local utility
    • Provided Engineering Services for protective relay coordination
    • Bid evaluation and shop drawing review
    • Provided as-built documentation and drawings
  • Installation assistance and pre-energization testing
    • Circuit switcher assembly and testing
    • Protective relay system verification and calibration
    • Transformer assembly and testing
    • 12.47 kV switchgear testing and commissioning
    • Initial energization and verification of proper operation
    • Remote SCADA alarm & fiber optic interface
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
    • Electrical testing of the circuit switcher, transformer, indoor switchgear, and voltage regulators including if applicable:
      • Doble power factor testing of equipment
      • Contact resistance
      • SF6 pressure switches
      • Functional testing
      • Visual inspection
      • Clean and torque connection
    • Calibration of protective relays
    • Functional testing of protection and control systems
    • Electrical testing of the 12.47 kV cables to the plant equipment

HMT played a critical role in this project and based on the collective efforts of all of the firms associated with the substation construction, the facility was energized and full production was initiated within the prescribed schedule. 

A Power Generating Facility Experiences a Catastrophic Natural Disaster

AES is a leader and innovator in the highly competitive Independent Power Production sector.  AES operateed 30 generation plants in the United States with over 13,000 MW of generation capacity in 2006. 

In the summer of 2006, their Westover facility, located in Johnson City, NY, was the victim of a catastrophic natural disaster.  Severe storms accompanied by heavy rainfall caused the Sesquehanna River to rise over 16 feet yielding a flood that enveloped the entire region.  The water quickly elevated approximately 6 feet up the westerly face of the building causing the lower level windows to shatter under the water pressure.  The water poured into the basement of the plant ultimately submerging the entire 40 foot depth.  The water level quickly swelled to within 5 feet of the turbine deck and in turn, the equipment was exposed to flood water, mud, raw sewage and oil.

HMT was dispatched and immediately mobilized a team to secure the electrical safety of the facility, assess the overall damage and determine the most effective path to re-energization. 

The worst damage was sustained by the Unit 8 2,300 V switchgear and Unit 7 208/240 V switchgear rooms, Unit 7 Station Service Transformer miscellaneous motor control centers and instrument transformers which were completely under water.  Within 48 hours HMT had identified, located, and procured the necessary equipment and immediately initiated the repair and restoration process.

The most difficult repair was the replacement of the Unit 8 2,300 V switchgear.  This unit contained complicated protection and control schemes that were only partially documented.  The replacement switchgear arrived on site in multiple stages and it was completely installed within 4 weeks.  The existing protection and control schemes were expertly married into the new gear and tested.  The gear was commissioned two weeks after its arrival and was energized immediately thereafter.

Despite some of the most tenuous, challenging and dangerous working conditions imaginable, HMT devised a restoration plan that was safety based and solution oriented.  The result; the customer was able to minimize downtime and generating capacity was restored ahead of schedule.


Powering Milk Production in Western NY!!

O-AT-KA is a progressive dairy cooperative dedicated to serving customers around the globe with products and processing technology.  Due to significant growth and expansion, the Company was confronted with an increasing number of infrastructure upgrade requirements including the design and installation a new 115 kV to 13.2 kV two transformer bank substation.  HMT was awarded the project and assembled a team of highly qualified individuals to build and commission the substation.

HMT provided the following Project Management services:

• Coordination with the representative utility for review and approval
• Project management including the completion and delivery of all pertinent permits and applications
• Electrical and Civil coordination in accordance with applicable codes, standards and specifications
• Procurement and delivery of all related substation components and equipment
• Installation of:
  - Substation equipment
  - DC control power
  - Protective relays
  - Control wiring
  - Ground grid
  - Foundations
  - Fencing
  - Civil Components
• Protective relay coordination
• 13.2 kV secondary equipment and overhead interconnection to supply their existing distribution loads
• Installation assistance and pre-energization testing and commissioning
• Initial energization and verification of proper operation
• As-built drawings
• Training of Owner’s personnel

HMT provided O-AT-KA with a 115 kV substation in 36 weeks.  This solution effectively addressed their increasing power demand and associated requirements while reducing their risk of an unplanned outage and the costly production interruptions that accompany a failure.


A Municipal Electric company experiences a catastrophic failure…

An emergency service call was received from one of our Municipal Electric customers. A 3750 kVA transformer had developed an issue that caused the upstream utility device to trip, resulting in a village power outage. The suspect transformer was isolated, the circuit restored, and HMT was dispatched. After analyzing the situation, it was determined that the unit had failed. HMT quickly located a refurbished 5000 kVA transformer to replace the failed unit. The unit was shipped and arrived on site on Saturday morning and installation was completed by Sunday afternoon. Within 72 hours, the system was back on-line and in service.

A power generating unit goes off-line…

A power generator breaker trips at a large power producing facility leaving a portion of the service off-line. The breaker in question was a 13.8kV 1943 vintage GE FH air and oil circuit breaker. This hybrid breaker is comprised of three segregated poles that utilize both air and oil technologies. After thorough inspection and review of the test results, it was determined that the breaker required replacement. Within hours, HMT had located a surplus vacuum breaker and a cell of current design with compatible electrical and interruption ratings. HMT technicians made the necessary modifications to integrate the new main breaker into the existing switchgear including bus and control alterations. The unit was installed, the protective system was functionally tested and the unit was placed back in service within days of the initial emergency call.


Start-up & Commissioning the Maple Ridge Wind Farm…

New York State has established one of the most aggressive renewable energy policies in the nation. To that end, approvals were granted to erect the Maple Ridge Wind Farm. Located on the Tug Hill Plateau in northern New York and spanning over 21,000 acres, the project ranks as one of the largest wind farms erected nationally. Consisting of 120 towers, the project involved a 230kV bus ring substation for interconnect to the utility as well as a 35kV collector system with a substation to step up to 230kV. The equipment was complex, complications were mounting and utility requirements were stringent. The project deadlines were fixed and rapidly approaching. HMT was contracted to perform the start-up and commissioning for both substations. The project also included a complex protection system that required precise coordination with multiple utilities, state agencies and the owner’s engineers.

Our work scope was expanded beyond the substations, to include the cable and pad mount transformers that formed the remainder of the collector system. HMT played a pivotal role in assisting the owner in their efforts to overcome some difficult site conditions and other complex issues associated with this high profile project. The labor and resource requirements were high. HMT effectively responded to those challenges providing the experienced manpower and equipment necessary to complete the job. The substations were energized and turbines were spinning on schedule.