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Why HMT?

Established in 1996, HMT provides a full range of high voltage engineering, testing, maintenance, and repair services. Our primary point of difference is simple; our personnel. We retain some of the most qualified and highly skilled Electrical Technicians and Electrical Project Engineers employed in the industry. The extensive experience that they possess relative to engineering, evaluating, testing, maintaining and repairing electrical power distribution equipment has effectively positioned HMT as an industry leader.

At HMT, we constantly strive to ensure that our Power Engineers and Electrical Technicians are trained to the optimum levels of proficiency within their respective areas of concentration. To that end, HMT has achieved Full Member Certification with the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA). All of our technicians are NETA certified and our senior technicians have achieved Level 3 status.

Our technicians possess the experience necessary to perform the most advanced diagnostic testing, maintenance and repair service available in the industry. The depth and scope of our equipment inventory allows us to react and respond to multiple projects simultaneously while ensuring that each individual project is completed efficiently and accurately using the latest methods and best practices associated with electrical system testing, maintenance and repair.

Here's What Our Customers Say:

"Just a quick note to say thanks to your men for getting Locust Ridge ready for energization and completed on schedule.

John Adams did an excellent job in coordinating testing, debugging issues and making corrections to the sub to get things going. It was a pleasure to work with John again. There were a lot of people with a wide variety of opinions and suggestions but John sorted it all out and with working with Steve Baker, Dave Herbst, PPL, and Iberdrola he still made schedule and achieved very successful results. Hats off to John.

John Mussi again dove in and did his thing with the checkout and point to to point with John Adams. It was again a professional and methodical process and again very well done.

Al was the shining light on the relay testing and checkout again. He again did the impossible and got it done while interfacing with PPL, Iberdrola, Steve Baker and did it with the desired results. Thanks for an excellent and accurate job.

Tom Williams did the cable testing and with Brandon's help, got it done without any problems and in a very quick time. It is always the same results with Tom, get to the job , assess the situation, and get it done on time and with exact results. Thanks to him for a job well done.

Brandon dove in and did a great job in helping out wherever he was needed. He got the switchgear relay settings figured out and got the testing and loading done without any problems. Between him and I  and few phone calls we were able to figure out what had to be done and he just cruised through it.. He also was instrumental in getting the cable testing completed. He also jumped in and with help from Pat Ringler, they figured out the connectors and were able to complete the connections for the east end of the project and all of the collector cables on the west end.

Overall, John, it was a great experience to work with your people and your organization again. My thanks to all involved, it made

our job 100 times easier knowing that your folks were onsite doing the testing and we could focus on other fires and not have to worry what was happening with testing and checkout  knowing it was in very capable hands."

Thanks again,

—Ron Magargee, Construction Manager
Alliant Energy-Wind Connect

“I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation from Brookfield Power’s Carr Street Generating Station, for the exceptional quality of service that has been provided to us by HMT in recent years.  Your commitment to supporting CSGS with your services and products continue to allow CCSGS to meet all of our operational, safety and business goals.

We truly hope that HMT and CSGS can continue to prosper do business for years to come.

Thanks for everything.  We look forward to working with you in the future.”


— Kenny Cloinger, CSGS Supervisor,
Brookfield Power

"I want to thank you and your team for a job well done. On the morning of Oct. 15th, one of our main 480v transformers failed. With your direction and innovative thinking we limited the outage to less than 24 hours. What could easily have been a few days was reduced to 24 hours by your planning and understanding of our facility. If there is a lesson learned here it is this; in the long and short run it pays to secure a firm with technical knowledge and expertise to perform the entire spectrum of work. It is my belief that had we not been working with you for many years the downtime of Oct. 15th would have been vastly extended. I ask you to let all who were here all night know how much I appreciate their efforts. Without your excellent planning, knowledge and work we would have been in a world of hurt. Again, thank you to the entire crew".


— A. Neil Newman, Climax Manufacturing

"I am writing to personally thank you for your efforts in response to our substation crisis of May 28th. Now that our utility has resumed somewhat "normal" operation, I have had time to reflect on the critical role you and your staff played in our crisis recovery and long term substation maintenance planning.

I am sure you recall the day of May 28, when you raced to Sherill in the morning, brought along your technicians and had the persistence (not to mention the physical strength) to work through the night well into May 29th. For the first day (or two) I am sincerely grateful. We accomplished an aggressive goal of restoring service to 100% of our customers. Your personal expertise was valued.

As we worked on permanent fixes to our substation, I was again impressed with your competent staff. Thanks to Jeff, Paul, Pete, and any others I missed. Those men demonstrated a high level of practical substation knowledge and conducted their work in a safe manner. I will not hesitate to utilize your services again for any type of substation work; I look forward to discussing future projects with you. Thanks again."


— Keith Pitman, PE, City of Sherrill

"When it comes to maintaining the electrical system at Cornell University, I've come to rely on HMT, Inc. I have always found their technicians and engineers to be responsive, reliable and knowledgeable. Their familiarity with our system and their ability to devise solutions to address some of the older equipment within our system infrastructure provides significant benefits and exceptional value. HMT has consistently provided top level service and has played a critical role in the maintnenance of our key electrical system assets."

— Jeff LaPar, Cornell University

"My experience with HMT has been marked by the following:

  • quick turnaround for projects
  • demonstrated ability to produce even when information is incomplete
  • continuous communication eliminating errors via thorough field work
  • immediate response to emergency situations
  • military execution of a well devised plan once on-site
  • experience driven resolution of unseen problems under pressure
  • address any and all issues small and large
  • CAN DO attitude - no fence sitting

A sincere thank you to the HMT team!"


— Dean Luchaco, Corning, Inc.

"On behalf of the employees of the Village Of Canajoharie Waste Water Treatment Plant, I would like to thank you for your technical assistance after the extensive flooding our plant suffered on June 28, 2006.

No one could have imagined the damage that our plant suffered and we are grateful that you were able to work with the plant staff to safely establish electrical service throughout the facility.  We also respect your ability to communicate with the staff while accessing electrical problems.

The problem within our facility was so enormous, but it did not hinder the fact that safety was your first priority, as it was ours.  This allowed our staff to understand step for step what was being energized electrically versus what was not. 

Again, thank you for helping us through this disaster.  Your efforts were tremendous and greatly appreciated."


— Jerry V. Ward, Assistant Supervisor

“First, I want to say that you guys are doing an OUTSTANDING job for us!The CTTS repair went very well on Sunday, as well as the "G" Ckt PM.  Wefired up our transfer case building on Sunday night and everythinglooked great. Production was running without any interruption on Monday morning. Also, I want to thank you and Allan for locating a replacement transformer for our boiler house electrical vault in recordtime!  Lastly, I appreciate you Allan and Kevin working on short notice,on July 4th to install the transformer.

Thanks Again!”

— Anthony J. Benenati,
Plant Electrical Engineer
Magna Powertrain USA, Inc.


Our engineering staff is highly skilled, experienced and capable of providing all encompassing professional services including complete design-build capacity, project management, arc flash analysis, short circuit studies, load analysis studies, protective device coordination studies and much more utilizing the latest advances in technology. Our engineering department consists of 5 New York State Licensed Professional Engineers and 12 highly qualified Electrical Project Engineers/Managers.

Additionally, HMT is a certified Meter Service Provider (MSP) in New York State. HMT is highly competent and proficient within the area of advanced metering including meter calibrations, installations of advanced power meters and automated pulse data loggers.

Whether your requirements are project based upgrades, scheduled maintenance, power engineering related or emergency service oriented, HMT has the knowledge, experience, equipment resources and technical service capacity to respond in a manner that is professional, attentive and consistent with your objectives.



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